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Yazdpoolica Industries Production Group

The production group of Yazdpoolica Industries started its production activity in the form of a special share in 1359, under the name of “Yazdpoolica” company, and today, the result of more than 4 decades of efforts on knowledge and quality has turned this company into one of the most reliable national brands.
In 1359, after a period of time, he started operating his factory with the capacity of producing 1,800 tons of products per year, in two shifts and on a land of 5,000 square meters in Hassan Abad Moshir in Yazd province. In the very beginning, Yazdpoolica made “the best quality in products” the main focus of its work with its transformational management attitude and injecting it into the specialists of this production group, and gradually, in addition to the domestic market and internal needs, it was able to export its products to the neighboring countries of Iran. and acquired the Persian Gulf countries. This big step by the specialists of Yazdpoolica production group became the basis for the development of Yazdpoolica development project in Khizrabad industrial town in Yazd province and in a land area of 25 thousand square meters in 1378.



electrical pipe

(air conditioner)


central sweeper

central vaccum

Domestic sewage

house plumbing

Municipal sewage and water supply

Fazelab shahri




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