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What social responsibilities do we have in Yazd Polika?

Yazd Polika Industries Manufacturing Company has been fulfilling its responsibilities in the field of social responsibility since the 70s, in the decades when the issue of social responsibilities was not yet discussed, by establishing a school and in the following decades by establishing the Yazd Polika swimming team.
Hazrat Imam Hossein (AS) Boys’ High School
On this basis, Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) Boys’ High School was established in 1379 in a rented place, and in 1382, with the efforts of honorable benefactors, Mr. Metouslian, the new building of this school was built on a land of 3000 square meters. This building, which has been made the best use of the available space with a smart plan, has a well-equipped prayer hall and a 300-person meeting hall equipped with the best sound and light facilities. This high school has three floors, 13 classrooms, three office spaces and a well-equipped meeting hall for 50 people.
In this center, in addition to the curriculum, scientific centers are formed including mathematics, physics, chemistry, Arabic, etc., where students study these specialized courses in depth and conceptually during the hours outside of class.
Also, the study center of this high school, which is open every day from 15:30 to 24, is a place where interested students can use its environment for studying for free.

The brilliance of the students of this school

The result of this high school’s activity is that every year, it admits nearly four hundred students and educates them and obtains very brilliant ranks in the fields of science, culture, art, and sports at the province and country level.
During these 14 years, nearly 5,500 students have graduated, and the vast majority of them have been able to continue their education in universities and higher education centers of the country.
The best achievements of these years include more than 180 people admitted to the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, as well as the admission of 240 students to the prestigious universities of the country such as Sharif Industrial, Tehran, Amir Kabir, Alam and Sanat, Khajeh Nasir and Isfahan Industrial. ) is.

Yazd Polika swimming team

Also, the Yazd Polika swimming team has started its activity since 1392 and after finding talent among young boys in the city of Yazd, it has started training in these years.
In these years, more than 400 novices have worked in the basic swimming teams of Yazd Polika, among which nearly 50 swimmers are professionally organized in the swimming teams of under 10 years, 11 and 12 years, 13 and 14 years and over 15 years. have been given and each of them have been able to bring pride to Yazd Polika Manufacturing Industries Group and provincial sports at different stages.

A corner of these honors

  • Winning three national bronze medals in 1392
  • Winning 2 silver medals and 2 national bronze medals in 2013 and winning the team runner-up position in the provincial swimming competitions.
  • Iran’s third place by receiving 12 colorful medals in the national championship in 2014
  • Winning 5 bronze medals and 1 national silver medal in 2016 and the championship position in the provincial swimming competitions
  • Winning the first place of Iran by receiving 12 colorful medals in the national competitions of the developing provinces of Iran this year

Activities in the field of school building

Another aspect of Yazd Polika Industries production group’s activity in the field of social responsibilities was the active participation in the My Iran campaign. In the first and second half of 2017, the presence of private sector activists in the construction of 100 Iranman primary schools in the deprived and less privileged areas of the country was accompanied by the appreciation of the officials of the Iran Chamber of Commerce and the Iranman campaign, and at the same time, the participation of Yazdpolika Manufacturing Industries Group was appreciated. Pedram Soltani, Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, in a letter addressed to Engineer Abbas Ali Metouslian, CEO of Yazdpolika Industries Production Group, appreciated and thanked the participation of this industrial group in the school building campaign. My Iran campaign is a campaign to participate and benefit from the help of private sector activists in the direction of developing educational spaces and schools. The cultural and educational development of Iranian children and adolescents is carried out, and at the same time, cultural, artistic and sports spaces such as libraries, cultural centers, etc. are created and equipped. Also, promoting and developing the culture of reading books and creating the necessary conditions for discovering talents, creativity and initiative are among the goals of this national campaign. So far (December 2017), this campaign has succeeded in building 100 schools in the less privileged parts of the country. Participating in My Iran Campaign is a continuation of the social responsibilities of the Yazd Polika Industrial Group, which has been active in the establishment and support of the Imam Hussein (AS) school in three stages, swimming schools and water polo teams in age groups. Is.

Why social responsibility?

The concept of social responsibility of the organization includes issues related to the organization’s behavior in the social environment and goes beyond the purely economic realms that organizations are traditionally associated with. When we consider a context that is not specifically economic, businesses face a set of rights and responsibilities related to the society that embraces them, which does not allow them to go to economic management alone in order to achieve Focus on your goals.
In their daily activities, organizations face social, economic, legal, ethical, and environmental challenges that affect their behavior. The only goal of these organizations may be profit maximization or shareholder wealth maximization, while other goals can also be considered.
The concept of social responsibility of the organization can be added to the above approach. This concept includes broader goals that include social-economic aspects. This concept goes beyond obtaining economic profit alone and includes and advocates the improvement of the welfare of the society. In fact, it can be said that companies do not only meet the needs of their owners, but also meet the needs of a set of social actors who are interested in the company and its field of activity.
Another point of view states that a company responsible to society is an economic and competitive organization that tries to perform tasks that guarantee its survival and durability. This requires that the company provides and fulfills certain conditions. for example; The company must provide products and services that meet the needs of customers, go beyond doing only the minimum, act ethically in all its decisions, provide healthy and safe working conditions for employees, respect the environment. and integrate himself with the society in which he entered.